• Post 2 – 3 times a week
  • Competition starts 7 July – 7 September
  • All together 24 Posts / Stories
  • We have to be Tagged in every story and post @Cherryinkgroup
  • Use Tags #cherryinkgroup , #beethechange, #cherryinkgiveaway2022, #cherryink
  • Follow @Defenderrofficial
  • Use our “Using quality products Cherryink logo” on your photos and videos
  • Panel of Judges will announce the Winner on the 12th of September
  • Points for : Originality, Quality of Video/Photos, Use of Hashtags, Extra points for Video, Have a Link on your own website to Cherryink to show you are using quality products (ask us how)


  • Post a Video/ Reel / Photos of products you buy from Cherryink – Feed and Stories.


  • Be Original Show it on your trolley/in your salon, while working with it, do a review of it, do a unboxing video when you receive your products, think out of the box 🙂


  • Originality counts, Videos count double. Panel of Judges will be Appointed to choose Winner


  • Teaching you how to use your social media channels optimally
  • Get motivation and ideas from fellow technicians
  • Your followers and clients will see you are using quality products
  • You will get a lot of new traffic on your own accounts
  • You will grow your following
  • Every Post/Video, will be of great benefit to your own Algorithm
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