Age spots and sun-related pigmented spots are commonly observed in aesthetic clinics. With Accurett a phenomenal treatment solution for these skin imperfections has come true.

The innovation is the use of a soft version of the proven technique of cell ablation by freezing. Hyperpigmented cell layers are treated with pinpoint accuracy in one no-stress procedure.

How does it work?

Cryotherapy is THE reference for the treatment of skin imperfections. It treats the tissue by freezing the inter-cellular fluid to destroy the cell structure. It is applied to freeze and to effectively destroy the unwanted tissue.

No special preparation is required. Treatment is applied for 2 to 5 seconds on each spot. In larger areas circular or crossing movement is used.

After treatment, granulation and the formation of new skin after 10-15 days, the destroyed lesion will fall off and fresh new skin tissue will become apparent.



Accuracy at your fingertips

  • Full control with on/off switch
  • Utilizes disposable 16g CO2 cartridges
  • Standard micro-applicator for Ø 2-8 mm treatment
  • Additional applicators for larger area’s are available

Very affordable disposable cartridges are part of the unique features of Accurett instrument. One cartridge can treat up to 30 solar lentigo.




Accurett, work with the Best.

Accurett is a brilliant device. It is practical, innovative and so easy and safe to use. With the great patient acceptance the device will directly relate to an increase to the number of cases treated for the most requested skin treatment in your aesthetic practice.

The knowledge that in your clinic you can have the option of a device that can quickly and effectively treat disorders of pigmentation extremely accurately and with no stress will comfort you to bring treatment suggestions to the attention of your clients.