Cherryink has been at the leading edge of the Beauty industry since 1998. We are truly passionate about offering the latest and most advanced beauty treatments for woman of all ages.

At Cherryink we believe that staying at the front line in terms of technology in our industry is a key aspect especially when it comes to training.

This 1-day speciality class is for you, the licensed beauty or medical professional that is looking to add to your services, boost your clientele and increase your income!

Neocollagenesis has become a wonderful and safe way to effectively stimulate the body’s natural collagen production and is beginning to gain popularity over synthetic collagen treatment. This class gives you the training you need to start administering it.



Facial Neocollagenesis, or collagen induction therapy, is a unique process that plumps up the skin’s NATURAL collagen in depressed areas. This procedure has been proven effective in diminishing the unwanted facial wrinkle, removing scars caused by acne, softening crow’s feet and lessening wrinkles in the peri-orbital and naso-labial regions.

As a result of this effective cosmetic treatment, the skin’s elasticity and any type of skin indentations or skin scars will noticeably improve. This simple process assists in restoring the
integrity of the skin while it stimulates the collagen in the epidermal and dermal layer of skin. This, in turn, plumps up the areas of concern. Facial Neocollagenesis is often compared to Dermaroller products – some of which are advertised for use in the home.

When performed by a professional, however, facial skin needling is more effective since the machine’s needle can directly target each individual wrinkle crevice, acne scar and skin indentation that needs attention.

Neocollagenesis is accomplished by inserting a sterile needle grouping into the epidermal layer of tissue to create a wound which signals the brain to send collagen to the injured site for repair. This signal creates an abundance of collagen, thus plumping up the injured area and creating a softer, subtler appearance of wrinkles, acne scars and other depressed areas.

Neocollagenesis has become a wonderful and safe way to effectively stimulate the body’s natural collagen production and is beginning to gain popularity over synthetic collagen treatment.

The skin appears to have pink to red ‘cat scratches’ for a few days after each Neocollagenesis application, depending on the severity of the treated area. Mineral makeup may be used on the face the second day after application.

The daily use of products such as collagen, Vitamin C, Ceramide-C and/or 25% Hyaluronic Facial Enhancer will expedite the results of each needling session. A waterproof sunblock of 30+ SPF is required on a daily basis.


Melanocyte Restoration is the process of regenerating the skin’s melanin production in white spots, age spots and hypo-pigmented areas by stimulating the melanocyte cells in teh epidermis. After applications of Melanocyte Restoration, these discoloured areas blend in with the client’s natural skin tone.

We have a 90% success rate for restoring the skin’s melanin production!

Melanocyte Restoration is accomplished by inserting a sterile needle grouping into the epidermal/dermal layer of tissue, signaling the brain to send melanin to the application site in order to re-pigment areas lacking colour. For optimum results, the client must expose the treated area to natural sunlight or a tanning bed for at least 30 minutes the day of the procedure and the following day.

Results can range from pink to brown melanin re-pigmentation depending on the number of applications a client receives.




Scar Relaxation is the process of releasing the tough, fibrous bands of collagen in contractured, or scarred, tissue. Burn scars, surgical scars and other tissue that has become twisted by excess production of collagen will be softened, smoothed and flattened out by this procedure.

Scar Relaxation is accomplished by inserting a sterile needle grouping into the dermal layer of tissue, signaling the brain to break down the fibrous bands of collagen in the scar.

Results of this procedure range from a softening of the scar’s toughness and texture to increased range of motion. In the most successful of cases, clients have regained total range of motion, depending on the number of applications and severity of the contracture.

The results from this procedure are often times astounding!



Since I did my Neocollagenesis training I proved to my clients that this is a life changing treatment and so rewarding to see the results.

I have been in the beauty industry for over twenty years and I have never seen a treatment with such amazing results like the results you see with Neocollagenesis. It not only treats wrinkles, but can change the appearance of stretch marks and scars as well giving people their confidence back.

The best feedback for me was when a husband came in to say thank you because his wife looks years younger after her treatment.

Cherryink always goes the extra mile for their clients, we have all grown and become a family. Suzé strives to always provide the best quality of service and training and you can’t go wrong with Cherryink.

Magda Vermaak, Colour me Beautiful

I did my Neocollagenesis training with Suzé in 2016 and what a blessing it was!

I’m new to the industry and I was looking for new challenges to enhance my salon. Since the Neocollagenesis I have more clientele, making my business way more competitive than my neighbouring towns.

Suzé is one of the most dedicated persons I have ever met. It is through her inspiration that I keep moving forward. People in small towns have an urge to be beautiful like their sisters in the cities. It is my obligation to bring that knowledge to them and what a wonderful journey it has been since I discovered Cherryink.

Neocollagenesis is the natural, safer and “green” way to take care of your skin whether it’s stretch marks, scars or for a younger looking skin. The conservative small town people want everything that is “green” and what a great plus with Skin needling. My clientele are looking stunning… thanks to Suzé at Cherryink.

Celeste de Klerk @Shades of Colour

Amazing Trainer – Suzé excels in her passion and dedication for her work! Skin Needling is an amazing treatment. The next evolution in Skin Rejuvenation and Anti Ageing…

Marsha Muller, Inner Beauty, Richards Bay

I did Neocollagenesis training with Suzé at Cherryink in 2015. It has been one of the best courses I have ever done, and has so enhanced my business and brought many amazing results and has changed the lives of so many people.

I thank Suzé for the BEST training ever!!!

Penny Marshall, Beauty by Penny