Join us for our internationally accredited permanent makeup course. We believe that empowering every permanent makeup student with knowledge will advance the permanent makeup industry to higher levels and standards. Our hands on 5 day course has the perfect balance between practical know how and theory for you to become a successful permanent makeup artist.


Cherryink has changed my permanent makeup life! I always had this uneasy feeling of not being 100% confident in my work before approaching Cherryink. After I did their training I felt at ease for the 1st time. Thank you for always being available day and night to help with any questions and always having up to date information for us to implement in our field! You’re amazing.

– Elana Jooste

Cherryink and Suzé have always been an inspiration to me. Their readiness to help with everything has made such an impact on my personal development and my business. All training and products supplied by Cherryink are world class. Thank you for everything you do for us techs!

– Angela Barry



Theory Part 1

Consists of pre study.

When booking and securing your training you will be sent a pre study manual. These hours are important for you to cover pre training. We cover everything from business studies to salon and client set up.

We equip you with all the knowledge you need to be able to enter into the industry as a successful permanent makeup artist.


Theory Part 2

This is the part we cover in class. Hands on attention and lecturing. We cover colour theory, this includes Amiea pigment knowledge and client skin undertones.

We cover product knowledge as well as marketing skills.

We also cover different needle groupings and teach you which needle is best for each procedure. We teach you how to use these needles with your Amiea digital device.


Practical Part 1

This is your first introduction to practical on paper.

We teach you different techniques for the procedure you are going to perform.


Practical Part 2

This is your first introduction to practical on latex skin. This is the fun part. You apply your knowledge from theory and practical training on paper. Practicing your permanent makeup skills.


Practical Part 3

Once you have successfully grasped practical on latex skin we move onto live models. This is the most important part of your training.

Our lectures are beside you every step of the way through all our phases of training. Ensuring you get the most attention and worth out of your training.

Our training is designed and composed in such a way that we cover every single aspect that you need as a brand new permanent makeup artist to enter into the industry and become successful.


It is a big decision to choose where you would like to complete your permanent makeup training. We always go above and beyond for our students and we try our best to help them be the best. These are a few aspects ensuring our top quality training:


  • Friends become family.
  • International certified trainers who go for masterclasses every year to keep up with the latest trends and techniques.
  • Facebook referral group and WhatsApp support group for trained technicians.
  • Inclusion of latest technology in our trainings such as practical designing on iPads.
  • Yearly competitions giving winning technicians the opportunity to travel internationally.
  • Top quality equipment from Amiea, Afterinked & Suzé Steyl Aesthetic Line.
  • Yearly conferences.
  • Award ceremonies.



 Training R 14 000.00
R 22 180.00 Kit
R 36 180.00


 Training R 14 000.00
R 32 405.00 Kit
R 46 405.00


 Training R 14 000.00
R 48 155.00 Kit
R 62 155.00


 Training R 14 000.00
R 58 020.00 Kit
R 72 020.00