Amiea offers a wide range of different needle configurations so that you can find the perfect cartridge for all types of treatment. Thanks to the high quality standard, trauma to the skin is kept to a minimum. Less injury, better color insertion and optimum outcomes. And your clients will love your work even more as a result.
The finest quality, made in Germany

Strict production controls

Guaranteed batch tracking

The strictest quality control processes

Fast replacement of colors and needle cartridges

Validated sterilization procedure

Single-use cartridges

Stable, precise needle guidance

The highest safety and hygiene levels thanks to the patented safety membrane


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1 Liner, 1 Micro, 3 Liner, 3 Micro, 3 Nano Slope, 3 Outline, 3 Power, 3 Slope, 4 Flat, 5 Magnum, 5 Nano Slope, 5 Power, 5 Round, 5 Shader, 5 Slope, 7 Power, 7 Round, 9 Magnum, NANO, NANO NT, Vytal