The 324 CBD Tablets contains CBD ISOLATE, which as the name implies, has been extracted from the Hemp plant and isolated from the other Cannabinoids, Pure CBD.
The 324 Full Spectrum CBD OIL contains CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN. Uses WHOLE Plants Extracts, Has a wider range of Therapeutic Effects.

THC Free / No High
100% Natural
Sugar Free

– Chronic Pain Management
– Promotes Restful Sleep
– Treating Depression
– Treating PTSD
– Regulates Stress
– Anxiety
– Anti-Oxidant
– Antipsychotic
– Anticonvulsant
– Antiemetic (Reduces nausea & vomiting)
-Analgesic (Relieves Pain)
and so much more…

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The 324 CBD Tablets contains CBD ISOLATE. Pure CBD

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