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Permanent Lip Masterclass

A One Day Course


What You Will Learn

Learn How to draw perfect, natural lips

Adding volume into lips without going outside of natural lip line

Master: pixelated lips, lipstick lips, full lips, soft lips, liner lips

Applying organic pigments to get the most beautiful healed results

How to do contourless lips with soft pixellated look

Learn contouring outline to finish off lips naturally

correcting bad micropigmentation on lips

Learning how to get the best saturation

How to choose a colour


Why You Should Enroll In This Masterclass

Are you looking to take your salon business to the next level? Consider adding a full lip permanent makeup service to your list of offerings. This innovative and increasingly popular technique can bring numerous benefits to your salon, attracting new clients and boosting revenue.

Permanent lip makeup, also known as cosmetic tattooing or micropigmentation, involves implanting pigments into the lips to enhance their color, shape, and definition. It offers a long-lasting solution for clients who desire fuller, more symmetrical lips without the need for daily application of lipstick or lip liner.

By offering a full lip permanent makeup service, you position your salon as a one-stop destination for all beauty needs. Clients will appreciate the convenience of having their lips professionally enhanced in a comfortable and familiar environment. Moreover, this service can be an excellent upselling opportunity when combined with other treatments such as eyebrow microblading or eyelash extensions.

Adding this specialized service can also attract a wider clientele base. Many individuals are seeking permanent lip makeup due to various reasons such as thinning lips due to aging or asymmetry caused by accidents or medical conditions. By promoting your expertise in this area through marketing efforts and social media platforms, you can reach potential clients who are specifically searching for professional artists trained in full lip permanent makeup techniques.

To ensure success in offering this service, consider investing in training programs such as a permanent lip masterclass. This will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform the procedure safely and effectively. Clients value expertise and professionalism when it comes to cosmetic procedures; therefore, demonstrating that you have undergone specialized training will instill trust and confidence in potential customers.

In conclusion, incorporating a full lip permanent makeup service into your salon business has the potential to significantly improve its success. By providing convenience, attracting new clients seeking specialized services, and showcasing your expertise through proper training programs like our permanent lip masterclass, you can elevate your salon’s reputation while increasing revenue streams. Embrace this growing trend in the beauty industry and watch your business flourish.


permanent Lip masterclass

Want to do enroll, but you’ve got some questions first?  We will gladly answer all your questions before you make any commitment.  Please send us an email or contact Madeleine at our office for any support.

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